MONDAY 1ST JUNE 2015 7.00 p.m.

Councillors present:  Mrs Ann Kennedy, J V Owen, W J Chorlton, R E Williams, S Hadley, John Knox-Crawford,  Keith R Roberts, Ken Tatlock, E G Jones, J M Evans and T Lloyd Hughes

In attendance: C Ll Everett Town Clerk/Financial Officer

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)

Gareth Williams from the local Press


1.      To ask the question is any member of the public or any member making a recording

        of this meeting? 

        No one was tape recording the meeting.


          Before Councillor Kennedy as Chairperson relinquished the Chair as Chairperson, she

          addressed  the Council as follows and said – “As this is my last meeting as Chair of the

Finance and General Purposes Committee and because I was not given an opportunity to comment at the AGM, I would like a few minutes to say a few words.

         First, I would like to thank everyone for the support I have had over the last two years

         as Chair of the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

We have had many difficult issues to discuss over the past two years and as always we have conducted ourselves professionally and with the people of Holyhead at the

forefront of our decisions and discussions.  Lately, we have been joined by members of the public, something that we all welcome as a way of communicating with our

         constituents.  For the most part, the public have been very supportive, however, it is

 very sad that a minority choose to behave as if they are in a school yard by shouting

         comments such as “liar” when business is being conducted and secretly recording

         meetings even though we have all been asked to reveal whether anyone of us is

         recording the meetings.  As Councillors, we often disagree about issues to do with

         planning etc and we are able to express our objections in the Chamber where we

have a responsibility of governance and democratic voting, however, some




MONDAY 1st JUNE 2015 7.00 p.m.


Councillors have chosen to use the press to overtly criticise other Councillors by name, referring to the ages of Councillors and their employment status which goes against our commitment to equality and diversity.  Juvenile phrases such as “gang of four” have been used and even intimations of our honesty have been implied by the use of the word “crooks” when referring to fellow Councillors.

Nevertheless, I look forward to this coming year as deputy Mayor and pledge that I will work on behalf of the people of Holyhead with my fellow Councillors.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”


2.       To elect a Chairperson for the year 2015/2016:

          It was resolved, proposed and seconded that Councillor W J Chorlton  be elected.

          Minute no 3978/15


3.       To elect a Vice Chairperson for the year 2015/2016:

         It was resolved, proposed and seconded that Councillor  R E Williams be elected.

           Minute no 3979/15


4.        Apologies for absence were received by Councillors Mrs Jean A LL Williams, Mrs Ailia

         Lewis MBE, Mrs R N Keegans and Mrs Beryl Warner


5.        DECLARATION OF INTEREST by any Councillor or Officer:

           Councillor J V Owen in accounts paid cheque no 109256 £43.52 travelling expenses

           CCTV meetings in Llangefni which he attended with the Town Clerk.


6.       To welcome Sergeant Llinos Hughes from the North Wales Police to the meeting:

         Sergeant Hughes stated that she was the Area Support Officer covering Anglesey and   that she was aware that PCSO 3443 Mike Jones had attended the Finance & General

         Purposes Committee meeting held on Tuesday 7 April 2015 and it was the intention





MONDAY 1ST JUNE 2015 7.00 p.m.


that  a representative of the North Wales Police will attend Meetings of the Council on a monthly basis to highlight any issues that concerned Councillors and to see whether these issues have been dealt with effectively.  Councillors voiced their concerns with

parking problems in different areas of the town – outside of the Empire complex, at the bottom of King’s Road by the Travel Lodge, Plashyfryd Terrace, at the top of Holborn Road and at London Road by the pelican crossing.   Sergeant Hughes stated that leaflets had been delivered to the residents of Maeshyfryd Road about parking on the pavements.  Sergeant Hughes stated that the North Wales Police did not have powers to deal with parking on double yellow lines, only if cars caused an obstruction or a danger.  Seargeant Hughes would make note of all the concerns voiced by the Councillors.  The Town Clerk stated that he had written to Edwina Hart AM for additional signage to be erected advertising the new Truck Stop facility which was also open to car drivers, caravan  and motorhome users as well as lorries.  It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the Town Clerk and the Mayor be given Powers to Act to meet with the Director of Highways of the Anglesey County Council so that additional restrictions and signage can be erected to prevent the lorries being parked in lay-bys by the Travel Lodge and at the rear of the Fire Station and other areas around the town.  The Town Clerk had also found out who owned the land at the Retail Park, specifically at the Argos and Store 21 area and he had been informed by the owner that barriers would be erected  in due course to prevent lorries being parked at these locations as these drivers were leaving mess and waste behind when leaving.

Minute no 3980/15.

The Mayor praised the work that the Clerk had undertaken in this respect.  It was also resolved, proposed and seconded to invite the Director of Highways of the Anglesey County Council to a meeting of the Council in the future as the members wished to have clarification on highways issues that concerned them.  Minute no. 3981/15

Sergeant Hughes was thanked for attending the meeting and she left the Council Chamber at 7.45 p.m.






7.       To welcome Dave Tommis (Inter-Island Games 2015) to the meeting:

         Mr Tommis did not attend the meeting.


8.       Receipts and Payments for the month of March 2015 and April 2015:

          It was resolved  that all Receipts (March) £52,292.67 (April) £185,651.07 and

          Payments (March) £80,747.33 (April) £92,698.22 be approved.

          Minute No  3982/15



(a)  Ann Murphy Llaingoch & District Horticultual Society : Request for financial donation – Annual Summer Flower Craft and Produce Show Saturday 15 August 2015

It was resolved  that the Holyhead Town Council make a donation of £100.00.

Minute No  3983/15


(b)  Dewi R Williams (A Jones) Head of Environment & Technical Services Anglesey County Council : New development by DU Construction Ltd – land at Afallon Llanfawr Road Holyhead

It was resolved  that the Holyhead Town Council approve the name of “Afallon” for the name of the new housing development consisting of four houses.

Minute No  3984/15

The meeting concluded at 7.55 p.m.








Minutes FGP 1 6 2015