Statement from Dafydd Jones of Conygar:

We are aware of comments that have appeared in the media as regards the future of the Greens at Newry Beach many of which have been mischievous, misleading and inaccurate.

It has been suggested by certain parties that amongst other things that the Greens could be built on in the future and that public access to the area would be denied, no funfairs or circuses to be held on the Greens. no picnics etc. There have even been suggestions that the Coast guard Station could be closed and that the Newry Beach allotment gardens would be threatened under the redevelopment proposals.

Both of these suggestions are completely untrue and in fact the areas involved are not even part of the Conygar Stenas ownership. Holyhead Town Council resolved to support the application for the economic benefits it would bring to the town of Holyhead and surrounding area.

The Town Council were well aware of public concerns as regards the future of the Newry Greens and wanted to ensure that they would always be preserved and that the public would keep the same access rights and facilities that they have always enjoyed. Conygar Stena Line already own the freehold of the Newry Greens which are leased to Ynys Mon Council and therefore are entering into discussions with the Council to explore the possibility of obtaining a surrender of the Councils interest. This surrender would be conditional on the then transfer of the freehold to the Holyhead Town Council after agreed landscape works had been carried out including the reinstatement of the marine lake and sunken garden if required with an agreement in place to ensure the future maintenance at no cost to the Council.

In essence the surrender of land by Ynys Mon Council and subsequent transfer to Holyhead Town Council would therefore secure the publics use of the greens . We would yet again emphasise that it is an outline planning application which has been approved. We will in working up a detailed planning application, seek where possible to address the public comments that have been made in respect of the layout, the visual impact and public accessibility and other matters.

Letter sent to Mr Francis Jones from Holyhead Town Council clerk (Cllr Cliff Everett)

The highlighted area in the plan below is the area that will be handed back to the holyhead Town Council and is part only of the lease area!